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Fully reconditioned, Solex 40 PII 4 twin carburettors, matched pair.

Originally for Porsche 356 and 912 models.

Carburetors were completely disassembled and part by part was checked and cleaned.

They are as new on outside and also as new inside, surface where goes manifold has been re-faced.

Carburetors are equiped with new oversized throttle shafts and new oversized throttle plates to remove any wear and play, they are now in original tolerances, as new !!!
Few other parts as accelerator pumps and other ˝problematic parts˝ , well know on PII-4 are replaced to ensure perfect working.

All metal parts were freshly electroplated in yellow / gold color like original.

They are rebuilt using new gaskets and seals, new throttle pates, new throttle shafts new needle valve, new both returning springs, many screws, washers, nuts, new throttle plates screws and few other new parts are use to ensure perfect condition.

Mixture screws are assembled with anti-seizing paste, by this will be secure in future that are free of seizing.

Complete work was made by professionals, they are in ˝as new˝ condition.

On this type of Solex´s are needed to setup float level when are mounted, anyway simply and easy work, I can give instructions about that.

If you have any question, feel free to ask us over email.

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